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Both Of You
You know I love her, dear,
But I love you too.
I really wish that,
I had thought this through.
Things never go as one expects,
I was hopin' you had acted when you were suspect.
Of these feelin's I have for the both of you,
Now I'm left wondering "What should I do?"
Ooh, ohh,
There are two I want to hold more than life itself.
Should I keep this all to myself?
Oh, How I wish I was blind, death and dumb.
Oooh baby, I hope you just ask,
Just ask me, and I'll tell you the truth.
I'm a coward so I'd,
Rather leave the choice up to both of you.
Yeah, Rather leave it to the both of you,
To the both of you.
I know I'm not what you're lookin' for,
Cause I got maturity, baby,
Class and style.
Compared to your last boys,
I could make those mistakes all seem oh so worthwhile.
So this isn't to one, or none,
This is for both of you.
So now I'm callin' it quits,
Leavin' the choice to the both of you.
Leavin' it up to both of you.
:iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 0
Mature content
Starcraft 2 Rap :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 8
Oh baby,
You've got me all turned up in knots.
It may freezing in here,
But you have me feeling so hot.
I know you want me girl,
Cause I want you too.
A little bit of time,
And I will win you back.
Oh, how you make me smile, love,
You make all seem great.
I'm so happy, baby girl,
Nothin' to me is bleak.
:iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 4
Without You
Those words we spoke,
So few days ago.
Have been embedded, no,
Plagued me thus far.
Inaction has caused this rift between us.
I feel as though I must,
I must do somethin' to fix this.
I wish to hear you speak,
I need to see your smile.
It is because of you, Darling,
That everything has been worthwhile.
I believe that you are beautiful,
Regardless of what you think.
It is also my my belief,
That without you to hold me, I will probably sink.
:iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 14
Mature content
Surprise, Surprise. :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 1 16
Mature content
Asphyxiation -Working Title- :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 3
Mature content
Lacerations :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 3
Mature content
Take a Step :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 0
Desecration of Reason
What is the point,
Of trying for your affection?
You look at me as though I'm cursed,
Distraught with an affliction.
Why should I bother,
When you'll just turn me away?
Nothing is worth that torture,
To be bled from the soul.
Once again,
I'm suffering from unrequited adoration.
This desecration of reason,
I'm trying to ignore everything I stood for.
Such selfish beliefs,
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
It's not as if you wanted this to happen.
This wasn't my intention at all.
I don't wish to crawl,
Or beg on my knees.
Please understand, darlin'.
Open my eyes, cause I do not wish to fall.
:iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 0
I'll give everything for you.
You left me lying there,
On the corner of the street.
Left me feeling scorned,
Bruised and beaten.
I might as well have died,
For all the thought you gave to me.
I gave everything for you,
I'll give everything for you.
And not even a good bye.
What did I do that was so evil?
So terrible that you refused to speak to me?
Your terrible resolve has left me bleeding.
Here I lie,
Dying in the moonlight.
:iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 16
Mature content
No Title :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 1 6
Grant Me This
Dear Spirits,
Rend from me my sight,
So I will not defile her image with imperfection.
Dear Spirits,
Steal away my thought,
So I will not profane the beauty that is perfection.
Dear Spirits,
Block my scent,
So I will only know her sweet smell.
Dear Spirits,
Cease my ability for touch,
So I will not try to bring impurities to such flawless ivory.
Dear Spirits,
Take from me my flawed hearing,
So I will always remember her angelic voice.
Dear Spirits,
Take from me my life,
So I may rest knowing I have seen all worth seeing.
:iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 4
Mature content
Fuck off, Go Away. :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 3
Mature content
A Difference in Perception :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 0
As Salvation Crumbles
As salvation crumbles,
And the walls fall around us.
We must choose carefully,
In those we trust.
In these past centuries,
We have been lulled into complacency.
Forgotten our rights,
And changed into chaotic beings.
Are you watching,
As the fires run rampant?
Consuming all we know,
It leaves nothing, to bathe with its amber glow.
Eradication, Genocide.
We brought this on,
With petty spite.
Our lust to be the best,
We forgot to look back.
At the dust, kicking back at our feet.
:iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 0 0
Mature content
Fuck Speculation :iconcruxismoridin:CruxisMoridin 1 0

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Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Metal. Punk.
Favourite style of art: Anime.
MP3 player of choice: Whatever holds my music and Anime.
Skin of choice: Mine.
Personal Quote: "Mind what people do, not what they say, for actions will betray a lie" Soul Of The Fire
  • Listening to: The Agony Scene/Bleed the Sky
  • Reading: Like, 6 series, no joke.
  • Watching: CSI: Las Vegas
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